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Turn Key is a licensed contracting company in the Midwest that specializes with conveyor systems worldwide.

It takes grit to tackle the tough stuff and we pride ourselves on this principle. For 20 years our customers have trusted us to complete their most complex installation projects because of our practical yet powerful approach.

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Turn Key Installations


Turn Key Installations are handled by our traveling team of skilled crew members. We provide on-site labor and management to meet your custom needs.
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Turn Key Electric


Turn Key Electrical complements your entire installation project by saving you the time and hassle of having to bring in additional vendors.
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Turn Key Fabrication steps in as your elite problem-solving team when common manufacturing installations just won’t provide the speed and workflow you need.
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About Turn Key

completely customized

Each job is completely customized to meet your specific needs and timeline, with a supportive team through every step of the process.

full-fledged team

Our installers and project managers are full-fledged team members and have the ability to work when and where you need them.

mobile crew

We’ve built our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but our mobile crew allows us to service companies worldwide.

Our Promise Statement

We enthusiastically perform any task throughout the installation process.


Who we are

Who is Turn Key

Big, complex projects that might seem insurmountable to some present pure motivation for us. We enthusiastically perform any task for our customers.

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